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  • WildEar Unleashes The New Tactical Series

    WildEars, the ultimate high fidelity hearing protection and enhancement technology designed for shooters and hunters, is adding the Tactical Series to its diverse lineup for 2016. The Tactical Series is […]
  • ThermaCELL Heated Insoles: Now, Cold Feet Are Only For Runaway Brides

      Few things are worse than cold feet. The stinging pain is nearly unbearable, they seem to take forever to warm up, and they’ve been leaving brides and grooms at […]
  • Savage 11 Scout Rifle

    Light. Fast-handling. Easy to get on target and place accurate shots in real-world conditions. The new Savage Arms 11 Scot Rifle combines all of the qualities for which scout-style firearms […]
  • Wildgame Innovations Cloak Series Trail Cams Are Affordable & Functional

    Wouldn’t it be great if trophy bucks used the same trail every day and kept to a tight schedule? If that were the case you would need just one trail camera […]
  • Brownells Relases AR-15 Catalog #11

    Brownells is proud to announce the long-awaited release of AR-15 Catalog #11. Spanning 104 pages, it contains hundreds of the best products for the “Black Rifle,” one of the most […]
  • Browing X-Bolt Varmint Stalker

    Adding to the extensive line of X-Bolt rifles, Browning introduces the new X-Bolt Varmint Stalker model in 2015. The new rifle will feature Mossy Oak Brush camouflage to hide from […]
  • Wildgame Innovations Moonshine 2 – All-in-one Feeder Light

    There’s nothing like a little Moonshine to get a nighttime party started. But instead of killing your brain cells, why not take out some predators and wild hogs instead? Whether […]
  • TORQ Stryker VLE Electric Vehicle

    TORQ Stryker VLE Electric Vehicle Birmingham, Ala – A unique little electric vehicle combining innovation with the great outdoors is quickly becoming the talk of the industry and boasts its […]
  • Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS Ideal For Hog Hunting

    If you have hunted wild pigs, especially in the south, you know that often you are shooting through openings in the brush or a break in the palmetto bushes. Quick […]
  • LaCrosse Expands Alpha Line Of Rubber Hunting Boots

    It has been more than a decade since LaCrosse introduced the Alphaburly Sport and changed  the market with the first rubber-over-neoprene hunting boot. Since then, LaCrosse has continued to improve […]