Brownells Relases AR-15 Catalog #11

Brownells AR-15 Catalog  11Brownells is proud to announce the long-awaited release of AR-15 Catalog #11. Spanning 104 pages, it contains hundreds of the best products for the “Black Rifle,” one of the most popular firearms in United States.

AR-15 #11 highlights five new Dream Guns, all built with products available in the catalog, and showing customers what can be accomplished with a little imagination and the accompanying parts list. The new Dream Guns demonstrate the adaptability of the AR-15 platform, and include a pistol, a .308 and a big bore rifle chambered in .450 Bushmaster.

New to the catalog are a number of Brownells products, including their bolt/carrier groups in both M16 and .308 variations, their new 20-round AR-style .308 magazine and an assortment of other AR-specific items. Other new additions featured are Nightforce’s SHV and ATACR scopes, plus handguards with KeyMod and Magpul’s M-LOK attachment systems.

“You can do just about any type of shooting you want with an AR-15,” said Brownells President/COO Matt Buckingham. “Their versatility is just part of their appeal. I hope everyone enjoys leafing through AR-15 Catalog #11 and finds something that inspires them, or helps improve their shooting. Keep checking our website and Facebook page, because we’ve got some more AR-15 promotions and deals planned for later this year.”

Customers can request their own free copy of the catalog by visiting the catalog section of the Brownells website or by calling 800-741-0015.

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