Bill_Vaznis_HeadShot_EDITORIAL-230x300Welcome to Bear Hunters Online, the first interactive bear hunting magazine devoted exclusively to bears and bear hunting. If you are like us, you no longer run to the mail box or the local newsstand for the latest information on bear hunting. Instead, you fire up your computer and surf the web in an effort to learn all you can about our favorite quarry. Whatever you are looking for, we strive to have it here. Hard core how-to articles and the latest where-to-go information for example to help you tag a trophy bruin as well as new must-have equipment and where you can buy it. Indeed, we will deliver the bear facts from around the globe right to your computer in six action-packed issues a year. How are we going to do this? Our columnists, photographers and feature writers are nationally recognized experts with over 500 years of combined experience pursuing bears. They know what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. They have not only tagged more bruins than any other group of writers, but they have also entered more bears in the various record books than that of any other magazine.

Now, that’s a bear fact you can sink your teeth into!

What will they cover? Archery, Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Optics, Bear Biology, Hounds, Bear Hunting Vehicles, Muzzleloading, plus Book and Video Reviews, and strategies … lots of strategies … including baiting, spot-and-stalk, still-hunting, dogs, calling, using scents and lures … and lots more! Wait, there’s even more! We are also offering you several special interactive features not found in old-fashioned paper magazines. If, for example, you have a question about a certain product, simply click on their advertisement. It will be hot linked. You might even get a discount! If you have a question about an outfitter, there will be a hot link to that outfitter’s website or e-mail address. And if you have a question about a particular article, you can e-mail the author right then and there with a quick click of your mouse. But that is not all. Readers will experience the electronic word coupled with both audio and video links. You will be able to view video clips of bears and bear hunters in action, like Richard P. Smith’s new video helping you to field judge black bears more accurately. In future issues you will also be able to listen to true tales from the wilderness spoken by the author, stories that will give you the willies, like a chapter from Wade Nolan’s new book Death Dance. Indeed, Bear Hunters Online will be a magazine experience like no other. If you like what you see click on the subscriber button … and tell your friends. They won’t be disappointed … and neither will you!