WildEar Unleashes The New Tactical Series

WildEars, the ultimate high fidelity hearing protection and enhancement technology designed for shooters and hunters, is adding the Tactical Series to its diverse lineup for 2016.

The Tactical Series is designed specifically for shooters who need reliable mobile hearing protection when working through extensive tactical training courses, but who also require the audible enhancement of being able to hear a rangemanster or range timer.

The Tactical Series features one program and is loaded with the most advanced digital hearing enhancement and protection technology available to shooters and sportsmen. You’ll also enjoy conversing with other shooters at normal levels without needing to remover your WildEars.

Enhanced features include: improved sound quality by reducing circuit noise and a Wax Protection System to prevent ear wax build-up of the WildEar sound port.

Highlighted Specifications:
• One digital program
• Adjustable volume up to 5 times normal hearing boost
• Sound Guard
• Right and left ear color-coded
• Custom fit for all-day comfort
• Wax Protection System
• On/Off switch
• MSRP: $949.99
In addition, Wild Ear is upgrading all products for 2016 to include the new On/Off switch, and the red- and blue-colored shells will all have black faceplates for an upgraded, more aggressive look.

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